Tick Tock Time to Change

It’s time to set our clocks back this Saturday for the end of Daylight Saving Time. The dark side of that extra hour of sleep, is an increase in accidents. ICBC statistics show a 16% increase in the average number of crashes for first two weeks after the change.

ICBC Accident Hot Spot MapHere are ICBC’s tips to help you adjust:

  • it’s darker and often rainy, making visibility an issue particularly around pedestrians and cyclists – give yourself extra time so you aren’t rushing;
  • prepare by checking your headlights, tail lights and windshield wiper fluid and wipers as well; and,
  • keep your regular sleep/wake cycle. Go to bed at the same time you normally would to minimize the affect on your body’s internal clock.

Ever get the feeling your daily commute is in a high crash zone? Click on the map from ICBC to see just where the hot spots are in the region, so you can plan to avoid those high-risk zones.

Information courtesy of ICBC