Safety First on the Water

Greater Victoria offers a world of choices for avid boaters. Waterways abound as to do ways in which to power through the waves. Whether your boat is self-propelled, sail-driven or motorized or a combination of all three, safety at sea has to be the first concern.

Before you head out plan to succeed with these key safeguards:sailboat

  • check the weather and tide charts, make sure both will allow clear sailing
  • confirm sufficient lifejackets or PFDs for everyone on board – including Rover
  • plot your course and make sure someone still on shore knows where you’re going and when you’ll return
  • stock up – gas, supplies, food, water, tools, flares, spare paddles and first aid – make sure everything is where it is needed
  • and boat sober, you’re operating a powerful tool

For more tips on how to stay safe on the water from the Lifesaving Society, click here.

Protect your financial investment too with the right insurance, because a pleasure craft isn’t any fun when it isn’t sea worthy. Your coverage for your boat (under 26′) or yacht (over 27′) can extend beyond the hull and machinery of the boat to include coverage in case of accidents with other craft, people or marine damage – even medical coverage. Talk with your insurance broker to chart a course for smooth sailing.

Information courtesy of the Insurance Bureau of Canada