bike to work

On the Road Again

One of the guaranteed signs of summer is the start of Bike to Work Week. It also signals an increase in two-wheeled traffic on the roads. Over the last five years, Vancouver Island has had an average of 280 incidents involving vehicle/bike collisions. We can reduce that, but everyone needs to do their part to keep our roadways safe.

cycling safety tipsYour best bet for a safe and successful commute includes these cycling safety tips:

  • Drivers when turning right, shoulder check and signal well in advance. Yield to cyclists;
  • Drivers and passengers check for oncoming cyclists before opening car doors;
  • Cyclists proper safety equipment such as a good helmet, reflective gear and lights both back and front on your cycle are more than a good idea – they are legal requirements;
  • Cyclists choose bike lanes/paths or routes with reduced traffic when possible;
  • And, both cyclists and drivers should be familiar with hand signals and follow all the rules of the road.

Looking for more tips? ICBC’s Bike Smarts Guide is a great resource.

Think you’re ready? Take ICBC’s RoadSense Tips test.