Jessica Asano

Jessica AsanoAs the first-born granddaughter of Gene and Pat Potvin – the founding members of this family legacy at Thunderbird Insurance – insurance is in Jessica’s blood.

Before obtaining her Level II Accredited Insurance Broker license, Jessica worked her way up the ladder at Torrefazione Italia in cafes throughout Canada and the United States leading these cafes and their employees to become the best of the best in customer service. “I began the journey of finding a new passion and rediscovered my roots. I believe in being true to what you stand for and making sure integrity remains forefront of all your efforts.”

The transition from coffee to insurance has been a natural one as the basis for helping people is listening to their needs and addressing them with honesty, keeping their best interests at heart. And Jessica delivers on that. She provides a level of customer service her grandfather is extremely proud of, offering a winning personality built on a foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Her promise to you is she will always seek out the best possible premium with your individual requirements in mind. As a busy mom, Jessica understands the unique needs of a family and can answer any of your needs or questions regarding insurance.

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