Travel Insurance

travel insuranceWhere are you off to?  If it is outside the province, don’t forget to pack your travel insurance along with your passport and sunscreen.

Think you’re covered? Don’t forget to ask these key questions before you lock the door:
•    How many days out of country does your policy cover?
•    What occurs if your medical emergency happens due to a pre-existing condition?
•    Is your policy void if you do certain activities or travel to certain countries?
•    Is your entire family covered while traveling with you?
•    Are you covered for an emergency trip home?
•    What are the maximums and deductibles and the 24 hour emergency number?
•    And what documentation is required for a claim?

Enjoy your time away, we look forward to getting your postcard telling us how much fun you had.

Source: A guide to travel health insurance by the Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association Inc.