Back to School for Drivers

When doing back to school planning don’t forget to think about sharpening your driving skills. On Vancouver Island an average of 6 children aged 5 – 18 are killed and 690 are injured in the 2,130 crashes that happen annually. Car crashes are the top preventable cause of death for BC children and youth.

school-crossing-stop-2014Homework for Drivers:

  • Watch for school zones – on school days from 8am – 5pm the maximum speed limit there is 30km/hr
  • Plan for safety when dropping off  – kids should exit the car on the sidewalk side only and if they have to cross the street make sure there is a light or crosswalk nearby
  • Be aware of school buses – vehicles on both sides of the road must stop when lights are flashing

Homework for Kids & Parents

  • Be aware – remove headphones and focus on the road, not electronics, when crossing the street
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street to confirm drivers see you and only cross at marked intersections and crosswalks
  • Dress to be seen – bright colours are more than fashion smart, they make you visible on dark days

Click the following links for more information from ICBC on school programs and safety tips.