Road Trip Summer Holiday Style

Wind in your hair, sunglasses at a rakish angle, the perfect road trip mix playing and,… screaming kids in the backseat. End the cycle. This summer before you hit the road make a complete plan for a safe and happy summer holiday road trip.

Summer Road TripBefore the first tire backs off your driveway, make sure that you’re covered:

  • dig up your “old-school” paper maps if the areas you’re driving through are remote
  • pre-plan interesting stops every 3 – 4 hours to stretch your legs and your mind
  • if possible trade driving duties regularly to stay alert and avoid “highway hypnosis”
  • keep the family hydrated with access to lots of water
  • pack nutritious snacks to help cut costs and hopefully keep everyone on an even keel
  • for the non-drivers, pack activities that can be done as a family and individually – remember to bring enough for there and back

Remember to breathe deeply and smile, it’s only two weeks and they’ll never be that young again. And before you leave home, whether you’re renting a car at the start – or after “the family beast” has gasped through her last mile – don’t forget to check you car insurance policy to confirm it covers the mandatory insurance for your rental vehicle.